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UA Meets My Profile: Short Time

I found another stock that meets my recent profile of a POS.
1) IPO'd in 2007
2) Exploded for its first few months on the market
3) Has strong competition
4) Tanking like a boulder in a river

UA seems to have given its best shot in all possible markets. I only hope that it dosn't get cheap enough to get aquired by Nike or one of the other monsters that it is competing with. It's market cap (1.89 bil) just dropped below its enterprise value(1.96 bil) which is not a good sign. It has a 32% short interest which means some crazy announcement could cause an intense short squeeze.

UA is in an obvious downward trend. It recently tanked to $25 when Wachovia downgraded the stock because they believe UA will miss its target first Q of '08 because of an increased marketing expense. If marketing expenses are the only thing keeping this stock alive, its bound for the dead pool.

I went short half my position today and plan on selling the other half of my position around $45. If everything goes as planned I will buy back between $25 & $30.

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